The power of education.

It is one of the  important process for anyone who wishes to improve themselves. Starting from a young tender age, parents have let their child embark on the journey of learning words and pronunciation, even when mothers who read to their unborn child, or plays Mozart, baroque for them. Education is important, but the right type is equally important too.

Some are overly concerned with being the best in everything. While of course we wish the best for our beloved, is it really feasible or does it really matter if he achieves perfect score for all the various subjects he studies?

That being said, education is really important, from an educational point view.

But are we missing the point completely? Education does not necessarily mean success, in earnings or as a person.

“Staying on top of Clutter”?  This image is named Travelling; Open Diary Book @ LiliGraphie.

As a person. For example, have you ever heard or even met someone who has high professional qualifications, but lesser morals than an average?  Qualified professionals who value money over life? Highly trained yet selfish individuals?

Moreover, what about those who studied and excelled in their grades and ultimately graduated, but some may not find work easily or even if they do, they are likely to slog through the 9-5 work week for a year after….

That is not to say we should not work hard. On the contrary, we should and have to work hard, and find the right work that will fit us. Everyone ‘s different. But we all have to make ends meet. Even the wealthy have to put effort in finding purpose and meaning in their life, right?

So what’s the point driving at? Well work hard, but don’t sacrifice our morals doing it.

Also, yeah, work hard, I would suggest working smart not hard. On different levels. For example, do we work hard in every single subject we chanced on? Not only will we be overwhelmed with information overload, and it may just be a matter of time before we become burned out, lose interest and start to question the purpose of it all.

Suggestion? Well, focus on a good subject and drill deep into it. Become an expert in it. And oh, by good, I mean a subject which hopefully you find engaging and interesting, but one that must be profitable and most importantly a morally ethical one.

Consider this:

Is there a point forcing an uninterested student to excel in quantum physics, string theory or further mathematics derivatives, when all he needs is to be a successful trader, businessman or entrepreneur so he can comfortably support our family and help others?

Is there a point to studying a subject that only eventually brings on negative undesired retributive consequences, just a matter of time? Well, people can decide to take a certain subject or not, right?

More are taking to home schooling these days. It may well be a really good idea and option. Considering the student may take only the desired subjects at his own pace minus the peer pressure and even bullying in some cases. It may even be an enjoyable process for the student as compared to a classic, result oriented, mass instruction medium with less focus on individual needs and progress. Recent years has much modern advancement in terms of learning and educational devices using Ipad or Notebooks. Some school kids, teens and adults actively tweets with Twitter.com about their activities and happenings.

Not all education is equal, on many levels and aspects. Say one studies and focus explicitly on mathematics. Fine, he may be the expert in this field.

Then again, is he happy? Will he? May or may not.

You see, he studies, mathematics, not cultivation, he may or may not be a good or bad person. In other words, to benefit oneself and others, one needs to cultivate oneself , be a good person.

It depends on his own moral decisions. We make our own choices and actions. We are ultimately responsible for our own words and deeds. And thoughts.

Sodus is a small New York town.  Faculty is a reserved word for university divisions. There is no Sodus University.

So this may be a site for a future university in Sodus.

Nevertheless, all educators, parents and students may benefit from considering above points.

In short, consider this possibility:-

Look at the problem on hand directly :-

1. To have a successful career, study and excel interesting subject.

2. To be rich, be a businessman or entrepreneur, create products or offer services,

3. To be happier, be moral, be kind.

For they can be the same and/or also different.  In any case, do not neglect the importance of being good.

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